About Us

Hey there, Melaneen Queen!

Raissa Yame is more than just a beauty brand- We are a platform for inclusivity and challenging the beauty standard.

"You are born with beauty and you are enough". We exist to empower women of color and make them feel comfortable in their skin. Our beauty products are vegan( no animal ingredients), cruelty-free( no animal testing) and sustainable, organic ingredients that give you beautiful results with no negative side effects. We committed in creating products that contain sustainable ingredients. Raissa Yame beauty partnered directly with women's cooperative in West Africa( Burkina Faso) to create our line of clean beauty products by promoting Trade.


Meet Our Founder

Originally from West African she was surrounded by the ancient African beauty, Raissa Yame knows the importance of beauty fitting the needs of everyday women. After moving to Paris to pursue her modeling dream she faced so many rejections about her skin tone not aligning with the beauty trend. While living in Paris and relocating to the USA, Lydia noticed mostly beautiful women of color are being left out of the market in terms of varieties and brands that cater to them and are not reachable and affordable. She was not comfortable in her own skin. Mostly she had to come on set with her own makeup kit because she couldn’t find her shade that matches her skin tone. (Also i worked in some beauty stores (like Nocibe, Marionnaud) and noticed beauty products of women of color were under represented). I then decided to relocate to the US to create the beauty brand that celebrate women as they are, no matter who you are, how you look: “You are born with beauty”. My goal with Raissa Yame Beauty: “ I want women of color to feel empowered and comfortable in their skin”.