About Us

Hey there, Melaneen Queen!

You've seen the ads. You know what's going on. Beauty is a construct of society that does not represent all people, and it's time to change things up! We're here for you with our inclusive beauty products, vegan makeup, and cruelty-free cosmetics that are designed to help you to fall in love with the skin you're in every day. If you've had trouble finding your perfect makeup match, browsing through Raissa Yame Beauty will make you feel good about your skin again - we promise! What's more is that we're completely cruelty-free and vegan. That means our products are made with ingredients that don't harm animals, and we use strictly vegan formulas to reduce the impact on the environment and ensure that you're lapping up the goodness each time you apply your product of choice. Shades of Beauty The truth is that some skin tones get left by the wayside when it comes to beauty products. Raissa Yame Beauty is on a bold mission to change this by offering inclusive beauty products for women of all skin types, tones and ages. There's no need to feel left out when it comes to your makeup routine anymore. We know there's no 'one-size fits all' solution when it comes to what makes someone beautiful. That's why we've created a variety of inclusive cosmetics with different shades and textures, designed specifically for deeper skin tones, so you can feel like your makeup is made just for you.

No more mixing and matching to get your perfect look. Our products are made to allow women to step into their power, feeling confident about who they are. They are formulated to allow women to embrace their beauty and enjoy a simple, care-free beauty routine no matter what skin type or tone they have. We are here to support other women on their journey of self discovery and making their dreams big and small come true.


Meet Our Founder

Raised in Burkina Faso, West Africa, my father was a hardworking entrepreneur and my greatest inspiration. With a vision of taking over my father's business, he sent me to Paris to continue my college studies. While in Paris, I found my passion in modelling and my adventure began. However, navigating the modelling industry led to me having to face the reality of living in a place that was not inclusive. On shoots, I would have to bring my own makeup because they didn’t carry shades that were suited for my skin tone. It was also impossible to find deeper shades in most stores. I experienced so many unjustified rejections based on the “perfect beauty standard”. Later, through my commercial studies I decided to put my creative skills to the test and took up work as a makeup artist for MARIONNAUD, NOCIBE. I also freelanced at ABCI agency interim Paris at the time. Throughout this experience, I noticed, yet again, that most of the brands were not carrying shades that worked for darker skin tones like mine. It is through this journey that the idea of starting a beauty brand “Raissa Yame Beauty” was born. After losing my dad, I decided to move to the USA and finally create the brand that I had been envisioning. A brand that celebrates women who define their beauty on their own terms. A community that supports women on their journey of self-discovery as they make their dreams, big or small, come true. It's time for a change; you deserve beautiful! Shop Raissa Yame Beauty today!