About Us

Raissa Yame is a community driven cosmetic beauty brand- Our clean beauty products are made with you in mind.

"Beauty is unique, personal, diverse; it's you and it's worth celebrating". We exist to empower women of color to reveal their inner beauty by bringing out the best version of themselves. Our beauty products are vegan( no animal ingredients), cruelty-free( no animal testing) and sustainable, organic ingredients that give you beautiful results with no negative side effects. We committed in creating products that contain sustainable ingredients. Raissa Yame beauty partnered directly with women's cooperative in West Africa( Burkina Faso) to create our line of clean beauty products by promoting Trade.


Our Founder

Raised in Burkina Faso, West Africa, art was a part of every aspect of life. Moving to Paris, she found her passion in modelling and her adventure began. However, navigating the modelling industry led to her having to face the reality of living in a place that was not inclusive. On shoots, she would have to bring her own makeup because they didn’t carry shades that were suited for her skin tone. It was also impossible to find deeper shades in most stores. She experienced so many unjustified rejections based on the “perfect beauty standard”. Later, through her commercial studies she decided to put her creative skills to the test and took up work as a makeup artist for MARIONNAUD, NOCIBE. She also freelanced at ABCI agency interim Paris at the time. Throughout this experience, she noticed, yet again, that most of the brands were not carrying shades that worked for darker skin tones like hers. It is through this journey that the idea of starting a beauty brand “Melaneen Beauty by Raissa Yame” was born. She decided to move to the USA and finally create the brand that she has been envisioning. Dedicated to providing women with empowerment clean beauty products so they can express their own individuality. Feel comfortable and confident no matter your skin tone! Shop Raissa Yame today!


"Feel comfortable, confident no matter your skin stone and reveal the best version of yourself."