Changing the world with vegan makeup!

What does that mean? It means that none of our products undergo animal testing. Hence, our products are kinder to the environment and safer for your skin. As beauty enthusiasts, we realized that very few brands are putting a conscious effort to roll out vegan cruelty-free makeup. That is why we at Raissa Yame felt the need to curate the best vegan makeup!

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Beware of beauty products that claim to be healthy as they associate their name with "Cruelty-Free And Vegan." At Raissa Yame, we use certified products that condemn the use of animal testing methods. We ensure that no animal testing is done at any phase of our process production because we believe in Cruelty-Free And Vegan makeup.

Our goal

That is why we take the pledge to curate the best vegan makeup that'll have pure nature-derived ingredients and essential minerals and vitamins. We want to show the world that a vegan makeup brand can quickly produce the highest quality of products without compromising its effectiveness.

Why Raissa Yame?

We save countless animals every day!

They are emotional beings; they feel and experience things too. We believe it is inhumane to throw them into the trash or lock them up into suffocating cages. Hence, we focus on producing vegan beauty products! The most rewarding thing about buying vegan beauty products is that you get to save millions of innocent beings by yourself. We can help you if you are planning to switch towards cruelty-free products.

Our bodies are prone to absorb natural ingredients

The most significant disadvantage of such chemical-based products is that your body must process it to absorb it extensively; it is difficult for your skin to absorb all the chemicals; hence you don't get any nourishment. Our products are 100% natural, vegan and are skin-friendly. Your body will have a hard time processing it, too. Since our bodies are used to digesting plants, it's also excellent at absorbing them through the skin.

Our products are more nutritious

Vegan products contain more nutrients; they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Our products also include the right amount of essential nutrients that aren't derived from animals. We provide you the right amount of beauty and nourishment that helps you stay vibrant and healthy in the long run.

Our products can help you avoid sensitive skin issues

Chemical products that include tons of lab-produced enzymes can leave your skin battling with numerous skin issues. However, vegan products at Raissa Yame can help you break free from such problems as we curate products that come with natural ingredients. They allow you to achieve pure elegance with nutrition.

Every ingredient in our product is grown sustainably

We must face the absolute truth! Modern-day practices in manufacturing include elements or methods that are sabotaging the health of our planet. Each day, our environment is being brutally harmed. As a vegan makeup brand, we aim to save the environment without letting our customers spend lots of money. Due to this reason, we use sustainable ingredients in our products that preserve nature and protect animals.

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