The Best Range of Matte Lipsticks And Lip Plumpers!

We Make Use Of Natural Pigments

When it comes to such delicate beauty products, we pay a conscious effort to curate them with extra safety measures. How will you feel if we say that several artificial beauty products available in the market make use of the insect remains! Well, that is sadly true. Many ordinary makeup brands in the market don’t pay attention to these toxic elements that can impact the person using them for more than a few months.

Modern cosmetics products use lanolin, beeswax, keratin, and other products derived from animals! Consuming such brands not only damages your skin but harms the ecosystem as well. In today’s fashion trend, every woman desires to have fuller lips, but they naturally fail to get bigger lips. Why? Because brands choose synthetic colors and pigments.

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Being Natural Is Incredibly Empowering For Women

However, Raissa Yame can help you get those bigger lips naturally as we use natural pigments that are cruelty-free as they are not tested on animals. So you get the best matte lipstick that is vegan and cruelty-free. Our matte lipstick collection offers exciting shades designed for all skin tones and is super soft and luscious. 

Apart from Matte Liquid Lipstick, at Raissa Yame, you also get plumping lipstick that will give you an enhanced pout. You can shop for the best lip plumper as we offer a wide variety of them in different hues and shades.

Whether it’s our Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick or Best Lip Plumper, you can wear them throughout the day without any discomfort or irritation. From our Liquid Lipstick to our Lip Plumper, each product is waterproof at Raissa Yame.

What Makes Our Lipstick The Best Matte Lipstick?

We have always believed that everyone deserves their share of beauty in life, especially women. The traditional school of thought has always perceived beauty products like products for a specific skin type, but we at Raissa Yame believe that every kind of skin deserves the elegance they always wanted.

We celebrate the power of our beauty products with the motive of serving all individuals with their unique needs. With that being said, do check out our long-lasting matte lipstick collection and our range of vibrant lip plumping lipstick.

Our Best Sellers

Our lipstick pigment is enriched with natural antioxidants and ingredients that will keep your lips fresh and luscious; they’ll soothe your lips and give your lips the nourishment they deserve! Our Best Matte Lipstick comes with Shea butter that adds a smooth finish to your lips while keeping them free from chemical toxins. You can explore our lipstick queen plumper, matte red lipstick, and much more. Do check out our best-selling products!

  • Cheri coco-Rebelle plumping liquid matte
  • Yennenga-Rebelle plumbing liquid matte
  • Sensuale-Rebelle plumping liquid matte
  • Alpha female-Rebelle plumping liquid matte
  • Audace-Rebelle plumping liquid matte
  • Santa-Rebelle plumping liquid matte

Why Raissa Yame?

1. Vegan products - It promotes harmful beauty practices.

When you narrow it down to products that are not derived from animals and are not tested on animals, you consciously promote the importance of natural, cruelty-free cosmetics. We know that there are fewer choices available in the market, which is why we stepped into the world of beauty products. We want our customers to make mindful decisions that are harmless to nature.

2. 100% safe and healthier as compared to other cosmetics

Yes! Our products are way more nutritious and safer than many manufactured products. When you choose products that aren’t animal tested, you avoid products that contain toxic chemicals such as sulfates and artificial dyes. We promote clean cosmetics that don’t hurt the ecosystem. Therefore, you must always choose to save your skin and the life of innocent animals.

3. For everyone - Every skin tone is unique!

As a woman, you have the power to bring a change. Apart from offering cruelty-free products and condemn the use of animal testing, we make sure to provide products for every skin tone. As the modern world’s bold women, you have the chance to create this change! Start making smarter choices with Raissa Yame.

4. Competitive pricing 

Who told you that cruelty-free products couldn’t be budget-friendly? We offer high-end products at competitive prices that are impossible to find in the market. We have a fantastic range of products that do not undergo animal testing, saves you money, and lasts long.

5. Wide range

We have one of the most extensive ranges of products that you can explore. No matter what ethnicity or culture you belong to, we serve everyone with love!

Why go vegan?

What if we tell you that most modern-day products are tested on rats? Not just that, many cosmetic products are tested on dogs, rabbits, and even cats! These innocent animals are subjected to highly toxic chemicals in large laboratories. Can you imagine the kind of pain and suffering they go through? However, there are ways through which you don’t have to test products on animals. There are hundreds of products at Raissa Yame that contain ingredients that are proven to be safe! We are choosing humane options, are you?

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