Raissa Yame-Beauty-Inclusive Range Of Lipsticks!

Are you looking for the best long lasting lipstick?  If you are, then there are a bunch of things you must remember! 

It is always an excellent choice to choose lipsticks that can enhance your elegance, make you more expressive but at the same time, they keep your lips soft and luscious. At Raissa Yame, we feature our bold stay on lipstick that is highly resistant and highly soothing to your lips, and it comes with a soft matte finish!

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Our Rebelle Collection of High Glam Shades

To offer you the best long lasting lipstick experience, we created our Rebelle collection that showcases the most pleasing color with a range of vivid shades. They provide you with a vibrant look and look incredibly well on all types of skin tones; looking for a lipstick that lasts all day? Here it is!

We curate and design our color palette so that we have a unique stay on lipstick for every woman. We make sure you get to wear a stress-free lipstick that is low on maintenance yet lasts long. 

Get the most sensational shades with our Rebelle long-lasting lipstick, created to empower you with beauty, softness, and comfort.

Rich And Nourishing Benefits Of Our Longwear Lipstick

  1. Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick with skin moisturizing formula.
  2. It contains Hyaluronic acid and Shea Butter that cures wrinkles and hydrates your lips.
  3. Smudge-free, resistant, and waterproof lipstick that stays intact all day long.
  4. It has a dash of menthol for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.
  5. Includes skin-friendly decongestants, disinfectants, and antiseptics too!

Get A Kinder Waterproof Lipstick With Impeccable Features!

  • All-inclusive 100% Vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks.
  • No transfer lipstick with a long-lasting formula.
  • No stain or plumping effect with a glossy shine.
  • They are designed and crafted with the most premium ingredients.

Our range of long-lasting no-transfer lipsticks

Raissa Yame Resistant And Long-Lasting Lipsticks You Must Consider

  1. Cheri-coco-Rebelle Plumping Liquid Matte
  2. Santa-Rebelle Plumping Liquid Matte
  3. Yennenga-Rebelle Plumping Liquid Matte
  4. Sensuale- Rebelle Plumping Liquid Matte
  5. Alpha Female- Rebelle Plumping Liquid Matte
  6. Audace-Rebelle Plumping Liquid Matte


These lipsticks are 100% transfer-proof, and they are carefully pigmented with liquid matte that gives you a luscious and elegant look yet lasts for hours! Get a seamless application as it dries up within seconds to provide you with a brilliant matte look.

A shade guide for all skin tones!

Fair skin tone

To highlight your skin color, you must choose cool lip colors. You can try lip colors in the shades of nude pink, mauve, peach, etc. Matte lipsticks are a great option for women with fair skin tone. You can flaunt your elegance by adding a darker eyeliner with a cool shade of lipstick or vice versa. A lot depends upon the occasion, so choose what suits you the most.

Wheatish skin tone

Women with a wheatish skin tone can try a warmer lip shade, a lip shade on a darker side such as red or orange. Well, such a skin tone compliments all kinds of shades, shades from light to dark. Add a touch of the cushion foundation with kohl's eyes to flaunt a vibrant look.

Neutral skin tone

Choose a dark pink or dark brown shade; women with a neutral skin tone must try matte shades as they'll suit their face and look.

Dark skin tone

Vibrant gloss and lipsticks with brown or maroon lip shade will look great on a darker skin tone. You can level up your elegance with dramatic smokey eyes, nude lips, and a touch of gloss.

Raissa Yame Delivers Your Guilt-Free Shades Only

Products at Raissa Yame are 100% cruelty-free; our wide range of lipsticks are rich in vital minerals and vitamins that add a layer of nourishment and prevent them from damaging. We take pride in our products because they celebrate the empowerment of bold women and stand for a healthy world of fashion.

Our advanced formulations and scientific methods offer a smudge-free, rich color and long-lasting pay-off that gives you a perfect look that you wanted to pull off. It is easy to carry, convenient, and matches seamlessly with your makeup essentials.

We utilize the power of innovation and combine it with the expertise of our curators. They make sure that each lipstick provides precise application, smooth texture and reduces the hassle of applying makeup. So, in the end, you get a mesmerizing touch on your face every time you step outside of your house.

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