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Article: Why Should You Invest in Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes?

Why Should You Invest in Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes?

Why Should You Invest in Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes?

The talk of vegan and cruelty-free makeup products has become pretty common in the beauty industry. We often find ourselves looking into our makeup bags and shopping carts, reading labels, and trying to decode chemical names for ingredients. Although, while in recent years with much Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand coming up, there has come to be a lot of talk around the skincare and makeup products we use – their source, manufacturing, packaging, and testing, but not much is said or done about the tools we use to apply the products to our skin – Makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are required for applying, blending, and contouring cosmetics and skincare products. Because of their immense utility to the purpose, they are an almost indispensable item of use for anyone who does even the least bit of makeup. But did you know that the brushes we use are made from animal fur? Chances are, you might not even have known. However, it’s also possible that you knew – at a subconscious level (where else would the hair come from?) but never actually put much thought into it, so the piece of information was never acknowledged. But now, we are telling you, so let’s think more closely about it.

What Is The Problem With Brushes With Animal Hair? 

You must have seen the labels “vegan” or “cruelty-free” on products. If you are aware or are conscious or skeptical, you must have also scrutinized these at some level, wondering whether the claims are genuine or not because there is an actual problem concerning animal rights here. Ingredients used in skincare and makeup products are often extracted from animal sources, and products are usually tested on animals before they are deemed safe for human use.

Regarding makeup brushes, the issue is not with animal testing, which is an accompanying and veritable form of cruelty to animals for products. Still, they are derived from the fur of animals, which results in cruelty to animals in many direct and indirect ways.

Traditionally, makeup brushes are made from animal hair or the fur of animals such as sable, mink, badgers, squirrels, even ponies, and goats. You cannot expect these animals to donate their fur willingly. They go through torture so that we can get quality makeup brushes for use. The hair of badgers and mink is generally obtained from the infamous fur industry known for trapping and killing these animals for their pelts. Squirrels are almost always hunted for their very soft hair used in specific brushes, such as ones for eye shadow creasing. Horse and goat hair comes from animals that are slaughtered for meat.

Most of these animals are raised purely to provide their hair and skin for human use inside the fur industry. It is already bad that they are used for selfish purposes by the human race, but worse is the treatment they meet. Held captive and caged, they remain in poor and unhygienic conditions, living their lives deprived of the opportunity to do anything natural to them like hunting, gathering food, mating, or living freely – something every resident of the earth should be able to do. After being used, These animals are either abandoned or exterminated ruthlessly. Sables and minks inevitably meet their end and are even killed by electrocuting or gassing by fur farmers to avoid damaging their hair.

Thus cruelty to animals for the human end is at the heart of the problem with animal hair brushes.

Nowadays, many Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands are rising to the growing awareness and introducing vegan and cruelty-free products, implying their ingredients are naturally sourced and products not tested on animals. That’s great! But, surprisingly, some brands sell animal hair brushes claiming themselves to be “natural” and “cruelty-free.” There’s a need to beware of such brands that mislead consumers by employing ambiguous labels. ‘Natural’ could be used for animal sources, too, while cruelty-free claims can be made even though it’s challenging to ascertain whether it is so. There is a shortage of laws and regulations for protecting animals used in the fur and cosmetic industries. Even with a handful of laws, the sad reality is it’s difficult to verify these claims.

But there are alternatives – Vegan and Cruelty-free makeup brushes exist! 

What Are Vegan Makeup Brushes?

Vegan makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers for bristles and other synthetic or natural materials for handles such as bamboo, recycled plastic, or metals. Vegan products respect and care for animals; therefore, nothing used in vegan products is in any way derived from animal sources. No animals are harbored or harmed in the making of the product; consequently, they are also cruelty-free.

Vegan brushes are generally made from synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, plastic, or Taklon, ideal for making fine and soft brushes for use on the skin. These materials are versatile and can be created in delicately soft to firmer and sturdier compositions to make different kinds of brushes. Taklon, made from polyester, is a delicate fiber manufactured in an excellent tip and smooth texture to make blush and powder brushes. Nylon can give a sturdier and slightly firmer composition and is used in brushes where a sturdier texture is needed, such as foundation or concealer brush. Materials can also be blended to get the perfect texture and point needs for each different kind of brush required.

Benefits of Vegan Makeup Brushes


These makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers and have nothing to do with animals, so they are Vegan and 100% cruelty-free. If you’re a vegan and animal lover, you can rest assured that no animal was harmed during the making of the product. 

Good For Skin

Synthetic vegan brushes are not at all harsh on the skin. They are velvety soft, and in fact, they can be even softer and lighter than animal hair brushes with irregular surfaces. Synthetic brushes are naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for all especially sensitive skin types as they have minimal allergic reactions, unlike animal hair brushes. 

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Animal hair brushes have an irregular surface where dust, dirt, and makeup products get trapped, and bacterias can grow. Synthetic brushes are smooth and refined with regular and even surfaces, thus absorb no product and harbor fewer bacteria, making it easy to clean them. Synthetic brushes also don’t wear off easily and last longer.

Great For Product Application

Animal hair brushes have been sold for the longest time by saying that they are the better at product application because they pick more color and blend products well. Synthetic brushes being made today are comparable in terms of performance and prove to be better. Vegan brushes do not absorb, carry the pigments well and transfer them to the skin. Their soft, high-quality bristles blend seamlessly.

High Quality At Reasonable Prices

Synthetic brushes give you excellent quality at very affordable prices. With many big and small brands bringing out a vegan range of brushes, they are a pocket-friendly investment you can easily make.

Why Should You Invest In Them?

Whether vegan or not, vegan makeup brushes are an excellent choice for everyone. They are the ideal option for animal lovers and environmentally conscious individuals – a product that aligns with these values and offers great utilitarian value at the same time. Vegan makeup brushes are a kinder alternative to animal hair brushes and offer the same utility, better quality, and use value. So, we should ask why to continue using animal hair brushes when comparable high-quality kinder alternatives are available.

Cruelty-free vegan makeup brushes can be your step towards an environmentally conscious and non-violent life. A small switch on your part would go a long way in breaking the back of those who indulge in animal cruelty and pressurize other brands to change their ways too.


Vegan makeup brushes are widely available today in the market and are pretty affordable too, and as an investment that lasts long, they make a good buy. Several brands out there provide high-quality synthetic, vegan, and cruelty-free brushes to get started. You have to make a start!

Take the kinder route to beauty today by investing in Vegan makeup and tools from Raissa Yame. We are a 100% Cruelty Free Makeup Brand that endeavors to make beauty and makeup inclusive for all, from the fairest to the deepest tones in our colorful world. 

Treat your skin with the care it deserves— Start exploring here.

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