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Article: Why Should We Use Cruelty-free Cosmetics?

Why Should We Use Cruelty-free Cosmetics?

Why Should We Use Cruelty-free Cosmetics?

The cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has millions upon millions of customers every year globally. There are literally millions of different cosmetic products and companies that strive to provide customers with the experience and outcome they are looking for. Since the advent of cosmetics, we have come so far that animal testing is really no longer problematic for the safety of products. This is why finding cruelty-free cosmetics and Black-owned skincare brands that do not test on animals is easier than ever before.

Why Test on Animals at All?

Animal testing was first introduced in 1938 when the United States Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act passed. This law was introduced to make sure that cosmetics were safe for human use by testing them first on animals to make sure that any adverse effects were caught before the product went to market.

This did a few things. For starters, it helped reduce the number of lawsuits that were leveled due to things like skin irritation, eye irritation, and more that might occur through the use of these cosmetics. Both individual ingredients and finished products were required to be tested on animals to ensure that they were safe for humans before they could be introduced to the market.

Today, there are bans in some states and countries that prevent animal testing and impose fines if you continue to test on animals. In California, for instance, it is illegal to test on animals if there is an alternative test that can be done, and it has been that way since 2002. In the UK and all other countries of the European Union, it is illegal to test on animals and has been since 2013. Cruelty-free cosmetics are highly encouraged.

On the reverse side, it is illegal to sell products that have not been tested on animals before being sold in China and Japan. This means that even if a company is cruelty-free in the United States, they are still not entirely cruelty-free if they manufacture and distribute cosmetics in China and Japan. Some countries require testing on animals if the product is produced there, while others do not.

Why Switch to Cruelty-Free Products?

We live in a day and age where animal testing is not a necessity. It is not something that has to be done as tons of other tests can be performed to ensure safety and plenty of other ingredients that have already been tested in the past. This means that if you are still using products from companies that test on animals, you do not have to.

1. Saving The Animals- the first and most important reason that you should consider switching to only cruelty-free products is that it saves an animal from a life of torture and eventual death. By reducing the need or the demand for products tested on animals, you can help change the world we live in. By switching to products that are not tested on animals, you can save animals, and you can put your makeup and other cosmetic products on knowing that no animals died or were harmed to make sure that it was safe for you.

2. These Products Are Often Safer- Another reason is that these products are generally safer than those tested on animals. Natural compounds and ingredients do not raise safety concerns. These products are free of chemicals, paraben, sulfates, synthetic dyes, and more, making them lighter on the skin. With such products you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions to chemicals or developing rashes; you can use them with ease. 

3. Save Money And Get Better Quality- Cruelty-free cosmetics are often less expensive than those that test on animals. Hundreds of different companies do not test on animals that are less expensive than other brands because testing is somewhat costly and hard to get done right. There are over 7,000 safe cosmetic ingredients that have already been thoroughly vetted and can be used to help you find the products you love and want to use every day. Many brands that work with known safe ingredients will not have to spend a ton of money on expensive ingredients and follow-up testing; they can simply use ingredients known to be safe and provide customers with products that really work.

4. It Simply Is Not Necessary Any Longer- When animal testing was first introduced, it seemed like something that was fully necessary to make sure that the ingredients being used in cosmetics were safe. We're not going to cause pain and suffering to those that are using them. There was little known about the ingredients being used and what effect they would have on people using them. In 2021, we have come so far, and there are thousands of ingredients that are safe to use and have been thoroughly tested that can be used in cosmetics. This abundance of safe ingredients that have already been tested makes animal testing a thing of the past and is just unnecessary as it used to be.

5. Smaller Brands Are Often Cruelty-Free- With cosmetics, generally, larger companies have more to lose and more at stake that make a concentrated effort to test on animals to help appease their shareholders and keep their interests protected. By switching to cruelty-free, you can do two good things. You can shop from smaller brands and individuals trying to make a name for themselves, and you can get products that are great for you and great for the environment. By switching to smaller, indie brands or those brands that are not huge name corporations, you can get a better-quality product, get safer products for you, help out a small brand, and get items that are cruelty-free as well.

6. Finding Out What Is Cruelty-Free Is Easier Than Ever- It used to be difficult to find out the status of a company regarding their animal testing. You would have to either trust the label or contact the company directly to find out if they tested on animals or not. You can now find tons of great online resources that list the cruelty-free status of every cosmetic company on the market, and these lists are being updated continually. This type of information is easily accessible from your phone while you shop at the store, so you can make smart choices without having to put in a ton of difficult research.

7. There are Hundreds of Great Cruelty-Free Brands- Cruelty-free cosmetics are so prevalent now that you cannot go to a store without finding at least three or four cruelty-free brands. You can find Black-owned skincare companies, companies that specialize in lashes, those that specialize in colorful makeup,, and any number of companies in between. There are so many great brands out there that are cruelty-free and more being created every day. Not only that, some of the more prominent brands that we know and love are also switching to cruelty-free status. This means that even those big-name brands that we love and the big-name products that we remember may soon be cruelty-free as well. Black-owned skincare brands no longer have to test on animals either.

Why Use Raissa Yame?

Raissa Yame is an innovative, inclusive vegan, and cruelty-free black-owned skincare and cosmetics company that strives to create products that work for a huge range of people and do not rely on animal cruelty to test their products. The brand focuses on ensuring that women of color have high-quality products no matter where they go and that they do not have to struggle to find products that work in a seemingly whitewashed world.

The black-owned skincare brand carries shades that are significantly darker than what is carried in most stores and that work for a huge range of people no matter what. This brand is inclusive and dedicated and only produces and distributes the best products that they can create. The world needs more brands that are willing to branch out, step outside of the boxes that have been created, and be ready to follow their true dream and inspiration.

Raissa Yame does not test on animals, and it is the hope that no companies will feel the need to test on innocent creatures one day. In the meantime, consumers must support those companies that do not test on animals and are dedicated to affecting change in the beauty community and the world at large.

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